Tough on the eyes…

Since my move to Honolulu, it’s been tough finding inspiration… all the colors, all the smells, trees, water, salt, culture, food, beer… clear green ocean. Did I mention I was kidding? I feel like one of the luckiest souls on the planet to be able to take in what I see every day, for exactly that. What I see everyday. People born and raised here take it for granted, just as I took the SF bay area for granted. But I guess that’s just how it goes. Now, what to do with all this dumb-foundinlgy beautiful stuff surrounding me? How do I channel this energy, this creativity that has yet to be processed? Well, i don’t know. Maybe the answer is in this Banyan that I stared at for a long time last week…



I’m a Silver Addy Award Winner!

Our Men’s Wearhouse “Feliz Quinceañera” campaign has won the OC silver addy award for our microsite adaptation of the campaign! Kudos to our mobile partners, Xtopoly for executing and submitting the mobile site! Concept, art direction and design of the program done by yours truly, and creative director, Digna Roque.


Mobile site and banner ads

Officially a yoga teacher

In my continuous epic journey of being a creative and ambitious soul, always exploring new ideas and the limitless boundaries when it comes to this human experience, I’ve received my certification to teach yoga. Contact me anytime for a practice or private instruction!






Michelle Latorre Yoga


“Illustrator Creates ‘Neon Light’ Superheroes”

Do they mean Illustrator as in the the design software, or do they mean the illustrator/artist? I assume they mean the artist, WhiteRave. Either way, it’s pretty slick. What an amazing pull-down curtain it would make!

Check out more posters below:

The Art of Logo Design

Yes, logo design is indeed an” invisible vocabulary.” But who’s vocabulary? A designer’s? Society’s? I’m not sure everyone recognizes and/or appreciates the power and language of logos…

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